2020 Gladiator Jeep JT Rear Hitch and Bumper Combo: Standard Coverage Steel

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Our Red Summit Gladiator JT rear bumper and hitch combination is a culmination of a year of testing and development. We've talked to customers, we've listened to our customers and we've taken every complaint about other products to heart. We've come up with a bumper system that we believe solves most of the problems other aftermarket bumpers have. 

Starting with a strong foundation of 1/4" Steel and 2" x 2" 1/4" square tube, along with a quality hitch, we've created a towing system and a set of mounting points that stand alone before the bumper is even mounted. Utilizing our tried-and-true billet clevis tabs that start out as 1" thick cold rolled steel, we attach these in a fish plated configuration to the strongest point of the hitch and truck frame. They are milled to a perfect thickness, allowing for use of the most common 3/4" shackle out there that utilizes a 7/8" pin and and rubber isolators for vibration dampening. 

The bumper itself is then attached to the frame and hitch using a combination of factory hardware and 1/2" Gr. 8 hardware to provide the most reliable and durable system available. It also takes no load when towing or being towed, as that is all on the hitch and tow points. The bumper is comprised of a series of components that utilize material 3/16" and 11 Ga. thick to allow for the greatest strength to weight ratio we believe possible. A spring loaded hinge and license plate light comes standard with all bumpers. This allows the license plate to flip up when a pintle is installed in the hideaway hitch. This design allows for over 4" of additional ground clearance over a factory bumper and hitch. 

The RSM bumper is really one of the most versatile options on the market and was designed to fit everyone's needs. All options are described below. Due to restrictions within Shopify, material type and coverage options are provided in separate product listings, so be sure you are in the correct listing.

Available Options:

  • Backup sensor bezels: Choose this option if your Jeep package includes backup sensors.
  • LED Lights: Flush mounted backup LED lights that will brighten your rearview.
  • Color: A myriad of powder coat colors are available for a truly customized look.
  • Material type: Mild Steel or Aluminum (See other listing).
  • Coverage: Max-Coverage (Rubicon), Standard and Stubby (See other listings).

New orders placed after 7/1/2021 will have an expected delivery date of 3-4 weeks from the order date.