Factory Fit DIY Jeep JL & Gladiator JT Rub Rail Kit - Bracket Only Kit

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Why pay for the Rubicon package just to take it all off? Our DIY factory fit kit allows you to maintain a factory appearance while turning your sliders into a useful step and rub rail. The factory rails are plenty up to the task for these two purposes. We utilize 10 Ga mild steel that has been dimple died for traction and increased rigidity on all of the internal gussets and step plates. 

This listing does not include the round tubing necessary to put this kit together. Due to the high shipping cost for the entire kit, we wanted to offer this option for those of our customers able to supply their own tubing.

JL kits ship with 2 internal step plates and the kicker plate. JT kits ship with 3 internal gussets due to the additional 17" of length on the body, along with the kicker plate. Both kits ship with a pair of 1:1 templates for the rear kicker to aid in fitment and installation. Additional installation tips can be found on our YouTube Channel:

Installation Tips and Tricks


We will be releasing a frame tie in kit shortly that will transform these steps/rub rails into a slider that is up to the task of protecting those body panels from even the hardest hits. They will be 100% bolt on, so you can install these rails now and add the frame tie ins later.