Base Front Bumper for Jeep JL/Jeep JT (Gladiator)/Jeep JK

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Our new stubby bumper is very high clearance utilitarian bumper with a built in winch mounting plate. Modular parts such as bolt on mid-width and full-width wings will be available soon to buy separately or together with the bumper. A stocked winch protection bar is optional, and we can always build a custom stinger to your specs including light tabs and winch cable hook tie down point. This bumper can be ordered in both bare metal and 2 options for black powder coat as well as any custom color from (list color in comments when ordering). If you are interested in a skid plate there is a version for that as well shown on this page. Our bumper allows you to use your FACTORY led fogs with zero modifications. You just remove them from your factory bumper and install them using our CNC machined mounting brackets. The D ring shackle tabs start life as 1" thick mild steel and are a structural member of the bumper. If you rip these off, you'd better be looking for a new frame as well. Total install time is about 90 min for most mechanics. Fits all JK, JL, and JTs. 

*** D-rings are not included with the bumper, but if you send us yours, we can powder coat them to match you bumper.