Our vision is to revolutionize small scale manufacturing and raise the bar on services provided for businesses, entrepreneurs and investors. We are a family team of experienced engineers and designers, excited to help bring your ideas to life through metal design and manufacturing solutions. We opened our doors in 2019. After a few unexpected setbacks, we have emerged headstrong and motivated to succeed. 

 Meet The Team:


Allen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona. He has twelve years of experience in professional manufacturing and excels in creative sheet metal design, as well as fine-tuning products for high volume, cost-efficient manufacturing. He is skilled at programming and operating CNC machines, including high-powered laser cutting machines, multi-axis press brakes, multi-axis turning centers and CNC Mills. Allen is an automotive enthusiast and has a passion for creative manufacturing and elegant design.


Vanessa brings an artistic flair to RSM's metal design and helps manage the sales platforms. She has a separate career with an environmental consulting firm but enjoys being involved with the family business.



Summit is the team mascot and business namesake! You can always find him at the shop with the family, supervising from the comfort of one of his many dog beds.