AAM 11.5 Full-Width Rear Axle Truss for GM & Dodge AAM Rear Axles

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Red Summit now offers a full width truss for your Dodge and GM AAM 11.5 rear axles. It is designed for the hardcore off-road enthusiast looking to convert their existing leaf sprung suspension to a link style setup. At 50" wide, it is one of the widest on the market, giving you maximum strength for those large tire demands. We've contoured the inner gussets as close to the factory nodular iron housing as we can, allowing you to custom fit them based on your desired pinion angle. The top plate is 3/8" A36 steel and the internal gussets are all 1/4" HRPO mild steel. All of our products are LASER cut and CNC bent in-house for a perfect fit every time. The upper link mounts are setup for a 45 degree triangulation angle by default, but can easily be adjusted for other angles. Standard mounting width and hole size on the upper links mounts is 2.63" wide with a 9/16" hole. Custom options for other configurations are always available upon request. 

Note: Castings vary from housing to house so some grinding may be required to get a perfect fit and welding to the casting should be done by a competent welder. This is not a bolt on kit.