AR500 Steel Plate Shooting Targets

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Shooting target/gun target made of 1/4" or 3/8" AR500 steel to withstand heavy gunfire. The 3/8" thickness will withstand high caliber gunfire. If you don't need something quite so durable, please choose our 1/4" thickness and save some money!

Designed with a mild steel, collapsible stand for easy storage and transport. Hanging targets fit into individual divots so when contact is made, the target swings around the bar and stays in the same location. Pieces are all LASER cut for a smooth finish.

Targets fit nicely in a large USPS flat rate box. Scissors are present in photos for scale.

Hanging targets can be cut in a variety of shapes. Standard circles (all of the same size) are shown in the photos. Other available options are ducks, prairie dogs, or diamonds of decreasing size for KYL (know your limits) precision shooting (shown in rendering photos).

For the prairie dogs/ducks, you get 5 targets total. For example, if you choose the "Ducks" option, you will get 5 ducks. However, if you would like to mix and match ducks and prairie dogs (as shown in the rendering photo with 3 ducks and 2 dogs), please indicate how many prairie dogs and ducks you want in the 'personalization' box (for a maximum of 5 targets).

For the KYL Precision option, you get 4 diamonds of decreasing size (8 inches, 6 inches, 4 inches, and 2 inches). This allows the shooter to test their precision and accuracy.

You may also reach out directly with requests if the available options do not fit your needs.

Replacement crossbars will be provided free of charge, just pay shipping!