Dodge Differential Covers

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Full radius AAM 9.25 Diff. covers with increased oil capacity and strong enough to handle your hydro assist needs. 

Key features include a 3/8" fully bump formed main ring gear protection plate with integrated magnetic drain plug. The bump formed full round shape ensures proper oil flow to all the necessary components of the axle, just as Dana intended. It also happens to be one of the strongest shapes that exists, based on geometry. The mounting ring is laser cut from 3/8" plate as well. All of our diff covers have the holes drilled and counter bored after welding and the sealing surface is decked for flatness on our CNC mill. The fill plug is magnetic as well, sealed with a double O-ring seal. The bung for that is thick enough to prevent any damage from rocks on the head of the plug. Stainless steel hardware will come standard with all of our covers and as always, they will be welded fully inside and out. 

We use prismatic powders; feel free to explore the color options on their website:

Please also see our YouTube video for install tips: