Hakuna Montana Metal Wall Art

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Enjoy this play-on-words on display in your home, or gift it to the Montanan in your life! This sign was designed as a fun alteration of the famous Swahili saying "Hakuna Matata", meaning "No worries" (made famous, of course, by Disney's The Lion King). This sentiment fits the classic Montana attitude, and by chance sounds almost like "Montana" too! Thus, voilà! The new saying "Hakuna Montana" was born.

To be clear, we by no means want to insinuate the direct translation of "No Montana" or "Without Montana". Unless you prefer to think of it as the standard Montanan response to anyone thinking of moving here... Montana? There is no Montana here...

The sign is LASER cut for a nice, smooth finish from mild steel and is available in whatever size you may need. Please contact us directly if you would like a size different than the listed 1 and 2 foot options. You can choose to have your sign powder coated any color, thermally heat treated (see photos), or leave it bare steel to paint yourself or let it patina beautifully in the elements. If you opt for thermal heat treat, we will clear-coat it so it won't rust.

Shipping is included in the price, or if you are local, feel free to stop by our shop in the Bitterroot Valley right off Highway 93 to pick one up to save on shipping.