Know Your Limits (KYL) Collapsible Target system

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Our collapsible AR500 targets are designed for the hobbyist shooters or even the most passionate gun enthusiasts. All of our targets are laser cut on our in house laser. Lasers produce a much smaller heat affected zone (HAZ) than plasma cutters, giving you a more durable product. They also cut much faster than waterjets, producing a much more affordable product.

The KYL (Know Your Limits) System includes an 8", 6", 4", and 2" diamond so you know how honed your skills are. This is a challenging target progression for novice and experienced shooters alike. 

Our collapsible design assembles in under a minute and disassembles in even less time. If you'd like to make your target stand taller, just head to your local hardware store and purchase some 1" electrical conduit. They will usually cut it to your desired length, free of charge. We ship our legs at 23.5" to keep your shipping costs as low as possible, which means more rounds for your firearms and for developing your skills.

Our steel is American sourced and is processed right here in the heart of Montana, so by purchasing our targets, you are supporting American manufacturing blue collar families.  All of our targets will ship with red powder coat for easy visibility. When you have literally shot the powder off them, you can always spray them with spray paint to keep them looking like new for years of use. Our target systems ship in a large flat rate box for free anywhere in the lower 48 states. 

Our 1/4" options are perfect for most handguns, and 0.22 LR, and 0.223 at an appropriate distance. The 3/8" option is suited for larger caliber rifles <2100 Ft-Lbs & 2850 FPS.